The Sheep Code

Follow the Sheep Code!

The Sheep Code for Locations:

  • Sheep Locations should be free. Sheep do not have pockets!
  • Sheep Locations should be off the beaten track. The less well known the better, sheep love wondering off the paths!
  • Sheep Locations must never be R18. You know what we mean!

A place can sometimes cost a pound or two, or ask for donations and still be a Sheep Location, Sheep Locations can include its larger neighbors - for example how many have gone to the well known Muncaster Castle, but missed St Michael's historic windows right next door? But please try your best to keep things free! We don't mind places that children can not go - for example extreme hiking trails, clubs and so on, but nothing R18.

You can see a list of places who fit the Sheep Code here, and you can submit one here.

The Sheep Behavior Code:

  • Leave the Lakes beautiful for everyone. Tidy up after yourself, where possible leave things better than you found them.
  • Be a good sheep. Yield to drivers going uphill, use passing places, help others, don't destroy the trails, keep your dog on a lead - use your brain and common sense!
  • Be a smart sheep. If you go walking in the Lakes please take proper walking gear, tell someone where you are going, how long you are going for and take a map! Avoid becoming a lost sheep!