About The Blackish Sheep

Well hello there! I have finally decided what to do with this web page! Here you will find a guide to The Lakes, which would have originally have been by one little BlackishSheep. But that has all changed. What Stiggle has done is put this site together for me with a basic list of all the Sheep places in The Lakes that we could think of. It's right over there on the side, you can print it as a book to take with you on your travels, give to friends and family, or whatever you like as long as you don't sell it on or pass it off as your own. It's a Sheep Production, but more importantly it is for everyone by everyone.

The BlackishSheep.co.uk is now a CM site, this means you can edit the information and add more information. This means you can tell others what you think about any of the locations, and add your own locations. Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere. I'll still be adding things as well and we'll have a Shepherd looking after the lot, and a Sheepdog to keep things in line, everything will stay free and family friendly.

If you know of a place, please do suggest it, add it, email it, let us know about it somehow! Keep in mind to be a Sheep Place it must be: Off the beaten path - not well known or popular and free - sheep don't have pockets! However please DO include local shops, B&Bs and so on that you used and enjoyed on your visit - no Tesco, but that little butchers in that small town that you really liked :)

At the moment, all photos here have been taken by myself or my family, they may not be used anywhere else without my permission. Thanks for understanding :)